IQ Manufacturing

IQ Manufacturing’s Third MC Machinery Diamond Cut High-Speed Mill helped broaden its Mold Production Capability and Capacity with “Superior Results”!

In July, 2015, long time friends Kelly Vaught and Chris Braniecki started IQ Manufacturing. According to Chris, here’s how it happened: “Kelly’s mom and my mother-in-law went back 50 years so Kelly and I had been friends for about 12 years. The reason we started IQ was because we received a patent on a piece of sports equipment. We solicited quotes for the molds to make our device and the cost was very close to an investment in mold making equipment. I told Kelly, ‘Hell, for that much money, we could start our own shop!’ And the rest is history.”

Chris and Kelly are co-owners with complementary skills. Chris is a 20-year veteran of CNC manufacturing, specifically in the mold making industry while Kelly is an accomplished entrepreneur who has started, managed and grown businesses, one of which he sold successfully and profitably. Both gentlemen are Michigan natives with deep roots in our state. Chris runs the machinery and the shop and Kelly manages the business side of the operation.

IQ just purchased their third CNC Vertical Machining Center from Performance Machinery — a DV-1200 equipped with a powerful Mitsubishi control, 1000 PSI high pressure coolant, 15,000 RPM Spindle, a laser tool setter and a spindle probe for part pickup. This purchase was made at IMTS 2016 and along with the new machine configured above, they were able to add high pressure coolant systems and spindle probes to their two other existing machines, the DV-800 and DV-1000.

With three machines of varying size equipped with the ancillary technology, they have quickly increased both their capacity and their capability and are averaging a new machine every 6 months in their first 18 months of being in business. They are already expanding their shop floor space for more machinery, adding employees to increase output and thinking ahead to their next building as they begin to outgrow the existing facility.

Specializing in die/mold applications, but able and willing to machine virtually anything that fits on their machine, including production jobs, Chris and Kelly are poised for strong growth and are committed to doing so in a systematic fashion with the help and support of Performance Machinery.

TK Mold and Engineering

Owner Tom Barr and operator Tyler Belloli, of TK Mold in Romeo
Michigan, in front of their New OPS Ingersoll Eagle 1200 Sinker EDM.


TK Mold & Engineering, Inc. established in 2003, is a global and domestic resource in the Plastic Injection Mold Industry. TK Mold is a full service company that can take the customer’s mold from initial design stage to full production. Their customer base ranges from Automotive to Consumer Goods

TK Mold’s skilled Engineers and Mold Makers come with years of experience enabling their customers to receive the highest standard of quality molds.

TK Mold specializes in Interior/Exterior Trim, Tight Tolerance Vertical Insert Molded, Two Shot Rotary/Over Mold and Non-Automotive Molds.

TK Mold is conveniently located in South Eastern Michigan. Their 10,000 sq.ft. facility was recently remodeled with new updated equipment.



MD Hubbard Spring Company

MD Hubbard Springs Company – manufacturing precision springs for the Automotive and Aerospace industries for over 100 years.

The MD Hubbard Spring Company, over 100 years old, invested in a Mitsubishi MV 1200R Wire EDM to replace two aging Wire EDM machines. Nevin Hubbard, a Great Grandson of the founder of the family business, is shown with his new Mitsubishi.  Nevin and his dad, Charles, now run the business.  They began making springs for Henry Ford, see the letter signed by Henry Ford in 1903. The Company manufactures springs and clips on four-slide presses, and the new Mitsubishi Wire EDM will be used to build precision dies and punches for the presses. Nevin is achieving remarkable unattended erosion hours with multiple workpieces fixtured in the work tank, and the reliable automatic wire threader on the MV1200R insures “lights out” machining. The tolerances and surface finishes they can obtain are superior. Nevin designed the new Wire EDM room with adequate floor space to accommodate a second Mitsubishi MV Wire EDM!

MD Hubbard Spring Co. Production Facility

Nevin Hubbard with MV1200R Wire EDM

1903 Ford Mtr.Co. letter signed by Henry Ford








They also build springs for the aerospace industry, see the 1927 letter from Wright Aeronautical Corporation. Amazingly, they had companies in 1927 in Pontiac, Michigan supporting aerospace as well as automotive.  Nevin’s grandfather knew the importance of diversification even in 1927, 2 years before Black Friday of 1929

A Hubbard family business for over 100 years

4 generations have contributed to MD Hubbard Spring Company’s success

Hubbard springs contributed to success of historic Lindberg flight

Midwest Mold

Midwest Mold of Roseville Michigan purchases FIRST CHETO
7-Axis Deep Hole Drilling and Milling Machine sold in the USA!

MIDWEST MOLD in Roseville Michigan has invested in the very first CHETO CNC Deep Hole Drilling and Milling Machine in the USA. The IX2000 7-Axis CNC Gun Drilling Machine with Milling capability was ordered in August 2017. Midwest Mold President/CEO John Hill will be visiting the beautiful new Cheto Manufacturing facility in Portugal to see the machines’ completion in February. This revolutionary machine will be delivered March of 2018. Midwest Mold also invested in an Eagle 1200 CNC Sinker EDM from OPS Ingersoll, their third Eagle EDM! These investments are insuring the Competitiveness, Return-On-Investment and Longevity of Midwest Mold for many years to come.

Midwest Mold, innovative source for Prototype Plastic Parts, 3D Printing, Low Volume Injection Molding, Rapid Prototypes, & Prototype Injection Molds.

Midwest Mold owner John Hill celebrates CHETO IX2000 acquisition with Performance Machinery LLC owner, and CHETO Distributor, Dan Meehan

Midwest Mold also acquires an Eagle 1200 CNC Sinker EDM, from OPS Ingersoll, Midwest Mold’s third Eagle EDM, substantially increasing capacity!