Ownership of OPS Ingersoll EDM visits Roush Manufacturing

We were honored to have the ownership from OPS Ingersoll EDM here in town to visit with Roush Manufacturing in Farmington Hills, Michigan to discuss their many successes with their new OPS Ingersoll Eagle 800 and 1200 Sinker EDM Machines. The OPS Ingersoll Sinker EDM’s have produced quite a buzz in the local marketplace because of it’s very low electrode wear and extremely fast cycle times. Roush Manufacturing is realizing the benefits of this new technology on a daily basis!

Rainer and Matthias were also able to visit 
Twin Mold in Shelby Township, Michigan andCavalier Tool in Windsor, Ontario to discuss their successful OPS Ingersoll EDM installations as well.

From Left: Matthias Schmidt, Rainer Jung (Owners at OPS Ingersoll EDM), Dan Ryan (EDM Supervisor Roush Manufacturing), and Carl Ickes (EDM Operator Roush Manufacturing)

Proof in the numbers

Rainer Jung (Owner at OPS Ingersoll EDM) 
and Dan Ryan (EDM Leader at Roush 
Manufacturing) discuss some of Roush’s 
recent EDM jobs and how they have 
seen 30% reduction in graphite usage 
through the use of the Ingersoll Eagle 
EDM Technology!